and besides orson wells never completed till his estate finaly says its completed at last. the other side of the wind. one other film has had hollywood and movie fans talk about is legend including how due to its controversial nature of having the story being about a clown who entertains kids at a concintration camp and marches to the oven with them. plus the fact that jerry lewis  who played the clown and stated he would never let his version be shown. fans and those curious of the thing will get their chance to see it as jerry has given his print among other things of his to the library of congress but with one catch the library of congress can not show the clown who cried till ten years from now which means  2025 is when according to the rules those curious of the infamous jerry lewis film the clown who cried will finaly thanks to him and a deal with the library of congress will get to at last see this piece of movie infamy for doubtful even after the ten year thing passes the thing will wind up with a full hollywood release.