and thus it only took near the end of bachelor’s in paradise  and joes true colors of being a villain up there among juan pabalo with help from his partner sam who both scemeed to wind up with both hooking up with each other with joe using julia  as his means to hook up with sam. including throwing out a camera from the room. and then finaly getting called on his nastiness by none other the jj who started out as being almost as nasty as him but wind up after joe was finaly revealed to be the snake he is including throwing even jarod under the bus to defend himself. jj came a fighting even after joe went a running being ready to beat the crap out of joe and then sam saying her actions was due to her being scared and under joes spell.  as bachelors in paradise finaly reveal their own juan pablo aka joe. with help from his partner sam. and sadly those thinking  the next episode will show j.j. giving joe the butt kicking he deserves sadly they may show them fighting but  no blood for the security will stop jj thankfuly from winding up facing charges of murder  besides joe is not worth getting into legal trouble even though he proved he needs a good kick in his ass.