and even as the big news for the repubs is trumps immgration plan that would include violating the 14th amendment to the constitution for part of it includes getting rid of naturalzied citizen with birth.  with the big news being his plan.  trumps other big contender next to bush. scott walker is focusing on the other big issue for the gop mostly the health care act still on repealing it and this time saying he would replace it but with one that is just like the old system before the law got passed. for his plan would  not only let health care companies be back to deny due to pre existing conditions but also make it so the health care people could buy in his exchanges would be useless and not even able to be bought by the sick at all. though he would keep the tax credits in it . as walker the repubs other golden boy reveals his first day as president his target would be the health care act and unlike all the other times of repeal he would replace it with his plan of crap.