right away shooting down that what is a sign hell is getting colder. slash revealed that he and axel rose the former members of guns and roses original line up . with slash on the record saying axel hates him. slash revealed he and axel actully wound up talking yes talking. axel rose and slash . having a chat about the issues that drove them apart but slash and axel both shot down that the talks means that fans may get their guns and roses reunion at last for its one thing  for slash and axel who have n’t spoken to each other in years to suddely start talking it will be another if any more talks then lead to the two getting on stage again and maybe with the rest of guns and roses at all. for that would be like gene simmons and paul stanley saying kiss is going to be the original members one more time. as hell has frozen again thanks to happenings in the rock and roll world. this time slash and axel talking with each other.