and it has barley been even 24 hours since a judge told ketucky court clerk kim davis she is in contempt of court by refusing to grant marriage licenses including same sex ones by saying  that god rule truimps even scotus . not to mention also ignoring court orders to issue the liceseses. a judge said ms davis had a duty as an elected official and she will be in jail till she agrees to issue the licenses. which she is not going too plus the judge knows her supporters including the group that is paying her bills and trying to make her a matyr for the anti gay cause. would pay her fines. other clerks told the judge they will now issue the licenses. and already the reps are seeing red and some saying it was wrong to jail her among them of course ted cruz and rand paul. as kim davis just found out the price she is now going to pay for refusing to comply with a court ruling and not do her job of issuing marriage licenses as she is suppose. to a jail cell for a long long time.