and not only are dr. who fans waiting for the new season to start and see what clara and the doctor do this time around plus if the bbc and steve moffat will confirm or deny that rumors that this is the last season and they are giving dr. who a rest for bit. or say no rubbish. but fans will also see joining the doctor and clara in the tardis and also kind of now tieing the late liz slatten record of her character interecting with the most doctors . alex kingstin revealed she is going to be bringing back river song. yes peter cappidels doctor will be having some interaction with river. which like liz slattens sarah jane river will have interacted with the most doctors. since river dealt with david tennents and matts smiths version of the doctor .as doctor who fans have another reason for the new season to come in a few weeks. mostly now the doctor having a visit by river song. the only thing that would match this is word that john barryman is sneaking away from arrow to return as captain jack . but at least who fans get a treat with river back but will she be river herself or a ghost again.