and finaly agt winds up getting close to naming a winner of the million as the final acts performed for the votes needed to win. with one act having the judges get involved  the mentalist had the judges pick envelopes then play musical chairs and revealed who picked what chair. then who could be one of the top ones to maybe win it the ventriliquest came out and really stunned by not only switching voices with one dummy but having another one come out ridding a scooter .plus making it look like he and all three were talking at once. and of course drew the young stuttering comedian took his last shot  too. and proof the regurator really is some what nuts. he not only swallowed tacks. but also gas then had nick light it on fire after he spit up the gas . if that guy does not come in as a runner up or maybe win it . i will be surprised. as agt will reveal a winner now.