and even though bidden might have hinted now to colbert  that due to his family loss even though some say beu asked his dad to run for the presidency  . sources close to bidden are now saying that by the first dem debate in oct he will finaly decide once and for all and put to rest if he going to wind up making it so hiliary and bernie have to fight some one else for the nom. and thus also make some dems who  are not on board with hil some one to back  as more and more as saying that bidden is proably going to finaly annouce at last after months and moths of speculation he is going to at last say he is running . for sources are saying he is closer and closer to  going for it with the official word and what will be a fight and nightmare for hiliary mostly her chances at the nom for the second time winding up snatched from her instead of by bernie by the soon to ex vp. as bidden may finaly say once and for all what his plans about the presidency will be by the first presidental debate.