like all kids his age. florida  high school senior now steven pressley was saving his money up for that one ritual that is normal buy a car. but instead after he saved up his money helping his uncle. and proving what a cool guy he is and what a heart he has. steven wound up knowing some of his cross country team mates really can’t afford good running shoes. wound up  going to the shoe store running wild spike night and hooked up his crew with shoes. saying that to repay the dude they call mr mafia. back by just for those who replace the seniors for the team members to step up and take charge even if its just making sure a player studies and keeps up their grades. and steven act of kindness has not gotten un reward besides inspiring others for a go fund me campaign  has been set up to help him fix up his car he got from his brother  3 grand so far but now the plan is to reward steven for being such a good guy and have such a heart  to do something nice like buying shoes for his fellow mates. that the plan now is to buy steven a new car and given how much is raised so far odds are by the time the thing is done and fees and taxes are paid to go fund me . steven may wind up soon driving to college in a new car . and given what he has done  a new car is the least steven deserves for having such a heart of gold .besides others taking his example and doing some thing good the world needs a lot more people like steven now a days