and thus showing that her one mistake could be under estimating potential threats to her getting the nom once again not to mention how given her poll numbers are already low and her foundation is losing some sponsors mostly over the news of bidden maybe at last getting into the race soon. hiliary made it known when asked if her campaign is preparing for a fight if bidden gets into the race. hiliary said no its not for they don’t consider bidden entry a new threat that could cost her the nom again.  for in politics one never underestimates an opponent including some one like the vp espically since bidden getting into the race could really erode and cost hiliary key support needed to claim the nomination after losing it the last time to our president. as hiliary may be making a big mistake now by revealing she does not see vp bidden getting into the race trouble for her  and not even preparing if bidden gets into the race. a mistake that could prove costly when hiliary can’t afford any .