and not since way back in 2008 and a sign that hell must be freezing. the cubs have manage  to land a wild card playoff slot . yes the cubs who thanks to what some believe is due to the goats curse. have not won the world series since 1909 so to even at last being in even the playoffs is big news for fans. not to mention of the cubs manage to win the thing and wind up as one of the teams battling it for the world series . is historic itself. provided the cubs don’t fall in their old trap of getting over cofident and cocky when given a shot at the world series . and blowing it . will the cubs finaly wind up trying to at last bring a world series win home to wrigleys and chigago  or are fans once again headed for a let down. as hell freezes over the cubs get a chance not only to be in the playoffs but also at long last a world series.