and thus some where alan moore must be going for the love of god not only does dc spit on my work by making a not bad movie but still it should have not been filmed but also sequels and prequels to my best work. but now word has come zack synder is not done messing with Roarshache and co yet. as he and hbo are now talking a watchman tv series yes a watchman tv series though no word on if it would be the original source done again live action or the prequels and sequels that most fans and alan moore himself thought were unnessary and a slap in the face by dc. and doubtful any of those who were in the movie will be considered for the tv show. which means some one other then jackie earl haley will once again done roarschache mask. as zack snyder goes back to playing with alan moore over watchman by now working with hbo for watchman the tv series. i give it maybe a few seasons.