and thus wasting no time from last seasons ending where elizebeth shoots the ag. she and red now find themselves on the run and a manhunt as the  group who were after the fulcrum now see their plans messed up by red. and want both he and elizebeth dead who also asks red about her mother . while reds right hand man deals with stuff of his own mainly some one kidnaps his grandaughter and injects her with a toxin that will kill her as the guy points out to umbo as the reason he did not kill him and then makes him take the same thing.   while red and keane keep one step ahead. with elizebeths own partner trailing her and she finaly decides after her and red split for better chances to do the one thing red tells her not to mainly making them truely think she is a russian spy and head to the embassy and possible capture as the black list is back with liz now like red  a wanted person. even as red also offers a black lister for liz .