and deciding to separate winds up proving as much as she tries she is stuck with red as liz goes to the russia embassy seeking asylum now trying to get the russians to believe like her mother she is a spy.  with weston tracking her and almost wanting to cause an international icident by entering the place. as their boss gets told by the cabal retire have the charges dropped for helping liz or take a desk job for the rest of his career and he takes the desk job his mission find out what happen to lizs mother who turns out red wants to know too. as after saving liz from being taken to russia where the cabal plans to kill him she and red go to diner then when word comes weston is after them wind up with red putting a plan into place. as dembi deals with his torcher including still poisoned and also having some weapons used to learn reds location. as red declares war on the cabal now and then weston gets some help with liz as speak of another devil tom pops up offering help on the black list.