and the best laid plans of mice and men. the sound going on in washington is the conservative and tea party part of the repubs screaming that they have to put up with John boehmer a little while longer since a replace ment is being hard to find what with the one john picked mcarthy stepping out of the race. and the new hope that would be able to fix things and get the job golden boy paul ryan saying over and over he does not want the job that is just as thankless as the precidency . no takers. or least no one who can get the support from the ultrcons. due to not being able to say he will be able to meet their demands including repealing obamacare and no raising taxes for the rich or also not negotating when it comes to the budget or debt ceiling. wanting to risk default and shut down. . no takers. as boehmer still have to stick around .  much to most disdain.  proably way past when he wanted to