and even though odds are the blue ribbon panel will recomend some how south dakota look into coming up with a new funding source for teachers pay. including maybe a new tax. when it comes down to it once again and proably till the state legislature changes hands to democratic control. which will happen in a blue moon.   when it comes to the  continuing issue and demand by educators including school systems struggling to fill openings and resorting to even hiring retired teachers.  the one thing that will be the outcome is teachers pay is not going to change in south dakota for the issue for the legislature is just a don quioxtie issue . those who want teachers to get a decent pay in the state will get no where  for first chance the south dakota legislature proably by the third week its in session will kill any bill to try raising it even if the governor makes it his issue. as some tilting at windmills is going to happen when the south dakota legislature starts. the issue teachers pay and getting the state out of dead last. a don quoxite issue .