and given how old shows now like full house are getting revived online it was proably only a matter of time before even gilmore girls got into hollywoods do something with this hair. like a reboot or maybe as its creator  amy shemal parlilono has wanted a movie to wind up ending the show the way she planned since she was gone by the last season due to a contract dispute. which could at long last include the mystical last four words that were whispered and fans have wondered what they were but amy has said she will be an asshole and not reveal till she is ready plus the limited reviel on netflix will proably not have melissia mcarthy full time a snookie given how busy she is with her own show.  same for jared paliki and milo ventimus aka. logan and jesse. rory’s first love and one thing the reviel has to do besides at least try to have snoonkie make an appearance. is definatly has to address richard being gone like just like his potrayer the late edward herman. proably say what most fans will proably figure when they don’t see richard at the family diners that richard has sadly passed away of like a heart attack the only way to honor the actor and his work on the show. as next on the hollywood return band wagon of old shows. gilmore girls a limit series on netflix that may also at last reveal the famous and mystical last four words.