if there is one thing walking dead fans know that both from the comic not to get too attached to a character for they could go any time.as fans last night learned the hard way as in one of the craziest shocks so far as rick and crew try to hold things together with the walker horde. only thanks to the wolves things fall apart from a horn of a trunk distracting them to daryle having to help rick after the wolves attack him. to a few deaths too but the big thing that even had the producer have to later issue a statement. is that after nick wound up deciding to commit suicide he took fan fave glen down with him into a pile of walkers and fans saw what looked like glen get eaten though some theories is that he was protected with nick being on top of him plus the producer saying in some form glen will be back to finish the story odds are flashback or a walker. which also means if indeed glen bought it at last. when negan arrives some one else could be face to face with his bat. as walking dead fans get a halloween shock fan fave glen supposibly now dead .