and thus ending what became a real life version of fanboys minus a road trip and breaking into sky walker ranch. j j abrahms  grated the wish of terminaly ill cancer patient dan fleetwood whose wish was to see star wars the force awakens early since given that he has a rare form of cancer and is in hospince given a few months to live dan did not think he would be around long enough to see the film in theatres  given how ill he is .  and after his story went viral on twitter that included getting backing from even mark hamil and chewbacca peter mayhew that he should be allowed to see the film. dan got his wish as j. j decided to end the real life version of fanboys with letting dan see an unedited cut now. and dan gets his final wish fulfilled and can brag in heaven he has seen star wars the force awakens .  plus j. jl has upped his good guy factor. as a real life version of fanboys ends with the ending it deserves a terminaly ill star wars fan gets his last wish granted.thanks to j. j abraham.