and talk about fast with negan set to show in the finale that is only a couple episodes away. the walking dead creators set up the saviors fast by having daryle come across them while getting back to abhram and sasha who were starting to show feelings for each other and abrham deciding his fate is sooner or later walker food but not with out a fight as he even goes on some raiding and gets not only some more weapons but a box of cubans. as daryle deals with his new pals who once they lose one of their own to a walker coming out of the ground. and was dieing of dibeties any way. daryle soon learns to stop being so trusting when they not only take his crossbow but his bike too. as the walking dead setting up Negans coming by daryle meeting some of the saviors . hopefuly not later the one with glen out of action being the one who says hello to lucile.