not surprised if twin peaks can return after a long hiatus. plus it also means that tremors will be spared a reamake for a bit. word has it that a tremors tv series for the second time is in the works since the first time was a short lived series on sci fi that lasted one season. that will include after a few decades and after he turned down being in the sequels to the original movie about a town being attacked by giant worms. that eat anything . kevin bacon revealed he will reprise his role of valince in a new tremors tv series that so far has no network signed to air it yet offers are coming in and doubtful any of his old tremors cast mates like reba or michel gross will be involved in the tv series . should be interesting to see if after all this time if tremors gets a new fan base. plus proof that nothing is staying dead in hollywood now tremors is back with kevin bacon leading the charge coming to tv soon