with only one more episode to go and also the xmas special dr. who fans are preping for the end of the series at least under moffat control and capaldie as the doctor. with that after spoil warnings after last episode saw clara die. due to trying to save a friend of hers and the doctors only to have it revealed it was a trap for the doctor even after he treaten to bring hell down on maisy the one repsosible by forming an unholly allience with the cyberman and daleks even for revenge. the doctor wound up trasported to what looks like a prison to face his fear and confess some things including the big revealation for fans that the doctor ran into his tardis after the time war was because he was afraid after what he did. then confessing a few other things like he does not like being alone. but the big one being that the rumored hybrid that would rule in the ruins of galifrey yes not only at long last did moffat have the doctor return home but the legend that the hybrid that is suppose to be part dalek and time lord will rule in the ruins of galifrey . turns out to be the doctor himself and is ready to reighn some hell after all over the loss of clara on his own kind. as dr. who winds down near proably its ending under the current show runners. with the big revealtion the doctor is destined to destroy galifrey.