and not only now can rick and co cross off alexandria as a safe haven when not only does the tower falling let all hell lose with the walkers but had to say goodbye to dennise who gets bit and tells michone when its time she will take herself out . as it also revealed that eugene was the one on the walkie talkie to abrham saying help. while carol and malcom get into a fight over what to do with the captured wolf who escapes with a hostage and both are no doubt walker food. plus rick and michone and crew have to escape to the armoury when thanks to ron getting into a fight with carl and trying to choke him with a broom the windows break and the house is over run with walkers. plus the big thing fans get is the reveal that yep negan is on his way when the trailer for the next episode has daryle and co captured by the saviors telling them to turn over every thing in the name of Negan. full showing not till the show returns in 2016