and due to it taking longer to count and verify singnatures the fate of some ballot measures including the pay day loan one . which when all the counting is done and the ag verifies every thing . imo that will be the first thing on the ballot the one the industry has been trying every thing to stop even putting a fake one to cap interest at 18 percent but also having an opt out if some one signs an okay. as a waiting game is still going on for what will be on the ballot in south dakota and also what issues south dakotans will want to scream or mute their tvs for when adds saying vote yes or no on this hit the air ways including the one for pay day loans since odds are the industry will do all they can to kill the one that would cap them at 38 percent and try and get their fake one passed. as the waiting game for a ballot to be revealed on what issues need a vote on is still waiting due to a longer then normal vertification and count of signatures. the first one going to be the pay day loan one the good one the cap at 38 percent.