and thus the scandal that started to have people believe south dakota is indeed worthy of being one of the most corrupt states is now back again for another round as the eb5 scandal now has another twist and turn in the mystery of where all the money involved in it went and led to some of those involved to take the secrets to the grave plus also had the feds close a case due to not getting enough answers from those involved. as the key to finaly once and for all be the key to the whole thing and finish it off once and for all is now at hand mostly lawsuits being filed including some of the businesses that invested in the failed plant . since under the law lawers may go a evidence discovery phase and could wind up at long last with the answers of the whole thing including those involved having under oath or facing a prison term for perjury and withholding evidence. that the truth from those involved in the scandal that had south dakota join the corrupt states club may have to at long last have to tell everything can’t run and hide behind smoke and mirrors any more. as the eb5 scandal is back with another twist of its maze.