and thus proof that somethings like star wars never die espically things like mst3000 as the kickstarter campain to make new episode wound up with its grand total of being able to the tune of over 5million be able to at last fund new episodes with a cast that has johnah rep as the new host. crow and tom servo being played by ham young and bron vaungn. and also playing the badies who send johah to the satalite of love felicity day and patton oswalt. which felicity days character tieing the new version to the original by being the grand daughter of the originals villians pearl and doctor forrester. but mostly fans showed their love and what has to be a kickstarter record almost. the satallite of love will be getting a new crew now riffing on cheesy films. hope one is the room . as mst3000 lives again to the tune of 14 new episodes