and that the box office has just proven that its like way back with the very first star wars in 77 that the box office is no match for the power of the dark side as star wars the force awakens has now crushed box office records including some of the over seas ones. and even surpassed jurrasic world with the best box office opening ever with a total so far of 238 million and proably more in fact when all it said and done the force awakens could be close to surprassing avengers total or even inching towards though doubtful proably wind up behind titanic as the highest grossing film of all time. number two or number three on the list. as even the box office is no match for the power and the rebirth of star wars . as star wars the force awakens. falls to the power of the force. as it claims records left and right now and seeing it myself have to say jj has manage to restore balance to the saga imo