and looks like star wars the force awakens keeps on giving from fans having a new star wars film after so long and one not done by lucas himself any more. plus also speculation that those of the expanded universe may get their favorite mara jade at least mentioned on film as rens mother since rumor is that luke is her father. but mostly the film along with the last marvel film has given disney themselves a gift total movie take of 5 billion in ticket sales yes five billion first ever for disney since they never made that much even with their animated library which is also making a little history too for hollywood . not to mention disney too . plus star wars the force awakens has just proven that saga is still strong and also has some holiday spirit as disney just got a gift from it a gift of 5 billion in revenue though also help from marvel avengers age of ultron too. and no doubt by the time force awakens is done in theatres that five billion will be more