and thus proving that honesty is a reward espicaly since the colo bus boy tim duckworth who after finding an envelope with over 3 grand in it and could have used the money himself mostly due to some hard times his car busted he is couch hoping with relatives and friends and his paycheck is garnished due to medical bills and even though the owner of the cash gave him a nice reward he said no . proving what a good guy john is . and his honesty is not going unnoticed as a after word of his story went viral a go fund me campaign has gone up and raised so far 13, 186 bucks to repay him for his honesty and odds are the fund will raise a lot more then that what ever the final ammount tim is going to be getting a nice xmas gift his honesty repaid a few times over the spirit of the holidays at work. but mostly a deserving person getting repaid for making sure some one who lost their money got it back even though he could have used it himself.