and thus on the other side of the things. not only do who fans get the gift of the xmas special and river song back and a new season of dr. who coming but sadly they also are getting some coal as peter capaldi saying he wants to do other things and playing the doctor can be taxing. made it known that the upcoming season could be his last which other then tom baker and john pertwee who played the role for seven years each. the normal thing for any one who has played the doctor is to do the show for three years then leave. and given this is peter third round as the doctor. a regeneration could be in the works and the speculation and talk may soon begin on who will be the next doctor now . could they follow suit with the master with missy and the next doctor be a female ? as peter capaldi also gives some fans some coal he may be done and will have to regenerate a new doctor for a new actor to take over after this coming season.