and till the new season starts next year . and spoiler warnings up front for who fans who might not have seen the thing yet. dr. who fans manage to as is tradition have the xmas special really hit things with the doctor mostly that the dr. indeed can have feelings and as he showed when clara died and in the finale of season nine. he does feel love and heart ache. mostly now for making her return the doctor is asked to help none other then river song with a problem mostly her husband she is with is dieing due to a diemond in his brain and the guy is a part cyborg too who soon does a headless horseman thing. but the biggie is river song does not regonize the doctor in his current form even as he tries to make it known its him . even going so far as to try and keep him from her diary since one of the places the cyborg hubby chases them is to the place where river reveals that it would be the last place she and the doctor would be together before sadly the doctor would have to someday bury her at trensalor. near some singing towers and when river is once again going to be arrested and accused of being the doctors consort who is also ticked off some one . river winds up making a complete fool out of her self saying that the doctor does not love her at all and thats fine with her. only to be shocked and embarressed when the doctor reveals hello darling guess what been here and i do care about you . and then after they take care of business again and give the robo guy a good head. they wind up going out on a date to the one place river has wanted to go but the doctor has always backed out for he knows doing so means its their last time together but the little trick is the day at the place lasts 24 years. end of spoilers as who fans got to open a gift the special the doctor and river song together and having some fun. part of steve moffats swan song that is going to happen once a new show runner is in place .