and thus the force has shown its power again though some of that is due to fans seeing the film over and over. as star wars force awakens now achieving and making a billion now has a new target getting a billion more and thus not only making 2 billion but also james cameron winding up after all seeing it a new reality that he will not have the highest grossing film with avatar any more that the force was so strong it crushed even that at last. and given how fast its made the billion it could have that other billion by maybe starting the new year off since its just given disney 2 billion in profit. now . star wars force awakens next target in its sights another billion and avatar proves even no match for it at last. should be interesting if it happens if james cameron will personaly call disney and say congrats. but will fans make it a reality and kick off the new year with a new highest grossing film of all time being from a galaxy far far away?