and thus making number three and also going to wind up with the pay day loan industry back to their tactics against the sponsor of the measure. the measure that would cap loans at 36 percent manage to wind up as the third thing on the ballot . which of all the ballot issues in south dakota the thing became really controversial due to the tactics of the pay day loan industry from pushing a yet to be certified ballot initive that would cap pay day loans at 18 percent but would have a loop hole that the companies can charge more with a signed okay plus also the companies went and tried to intimidate the sponsor by having homeless people invade his restuarant. though so far all those tactics did is some how proably made it so the thing will proably pass mostly due to disquest by the tactics of those against the thing . plus also got south dakota some publicity . as number three issue south dakota voters will now be dealing with till the fake one gets on the ballot . the talked about one to cap pay day loans at 36 percent . and odds are given the tactics the industry has been doing odds are some how that thing out of anger will maybe pass though if it does the south dakota legislature i can see pulling a fast one and trying to weaken the thing like they did by screwing some teens with the minium wage raise.