looks like one person who will not be happy welcoming 2016 in is the afluenza teen ethan couch who mangage to not only get probation for killing four people but is now even though his co acomplice his mother is now deported and faces ten years for aidding a fugitive plus the fact cops finaly caught him and his mother in mexico due to pizza ethan is not having a reason to be happy for 2016 for not only now is he in a mexican detion center over the weekend but odds are a judge will in the end okay extradition to the u.s where he will be charged with violating his parole and even though most are saying he will only serve 120 days the d.a may wind up finding some how a way to make sure ethan finaly pays for his actions like a nice prison cell maybe in the same prison as mother. as one person on the list not happy for a new year the afluenza teen ethan. now in a mexican cell. next the u.s and another cell. and finaly learning maybe that his actions have a price at last.