and thus now just 24 hours and the clock is ticking down and 2015 is going to be over with a year that saw history from the repubs going totaly crazy even taking the senate and almost bringing the government to default a few times. to even john boehmer saying bye bye and quiting. to donald trump showing he is bat shit crazy and could be president. plus bill cosby a beloved icon now tarnished because he could not keep his hands off of ladies. not to mention the year saw some sports history from the cubs almost making it all the way to a world series at last losing in the playoffs. to american pharoh not only taking the triple crown but also the breeders cup too . a rare horse racing legend of legend. plus sadly the year saw people saying goodbye to the lkes of icon lenord nimoy and wrestler roddy piper among others. plus the u.s and cuba finaly opening up relations again which the big thing is when cuban cigars will be legal . as 2015 is now rolling into the sunset so 2016 can maybe show what it has besides still the crazy train of trump.