and like the stock market the one day the nfl does not like when it comes because of all the money its costs the team owners mostly in salary and also time of head hunting. aka known as black monday the day the coaches of the teams may find out that due to their teams season they may have to be hunting for a new team and home that they are getting fired and blamed for the bad season. the colts among some of the teams. though one execption by a miracle being my cowboys who would love to fire the coach but don’t want to for a few reasons one the replacement coach jerry wants is not avaible yet and two the amount of money it would cost to buy out the guys contract . as the nfl will end the season not only finding out who is going to be going for the superbowl but for the coaches they may start the week learning if they even have any work any more as the one day the nfl dreads is coming black monday a blood bath happening for the owners and coaches .