and the black list comes back picking up where it left off with red and the cabal racing to take care of liz the cabal wanting to eliminate her knowing if she talks its all over. and red knowing that gets some allies including tom and even agent ressler who is told to protect liz at all cost even putting her in a cell that the cabal need a code to get into that gets changed as resler goes after tom and the one other help while red makes some other deals and insurance . and then as expected all hell breaks lose. tom ressler and liz and his former boss having a gun battle with some goons including the guy who tried to take out dembi. red managing to make a deal with a new aly and shows to divive that he really is something when he takes her to his secret hide out as they go to get the evidence to clear liz. then when it looks like the cabal finaly has the upper hand red and co pull off one more miracle and liz and ressler head out to help red do some hurting to the cabal and thus has the cabal planning their next move. as red and liz finaly go head to head with the cabal. hell breaks lose and bodies start to rise as the black list is back.