and talk about returning with fire. when chatum and his wife went head to head on lip sync battle they pulled off all the stops including chantum proably earning the praise of parents who have had to watch frozen and gotten let it go stuck in their heads by doing let it go dressed as elsa even having fake snow and a castle. as he put it maybe now make it so kids won’t want to watch the film any more. then his wife showed her stuff too and that she is willing to really play by doing paula abduls cold hearted snake with paula herself helping out as a background dancer . but the one hightlight of the night and the episode was when chantum did beyonace rule the world he pulled out the ulitmate trump card as right in the middle of the song Beyonce her self walked on stage with dancers and did the tune with him. both wound up with the belt a tie as lip synch battle returns and brings some fire.with the big thing of the episode beyonce helping out chatum.