and this week the south dakota legislature starts a new session . with a big agenda among it expanding medicare with lobbing already begining since the thing is hard sell by even the governor. due to the repub legislature opposed to the idea and also mad that suddely daugard went for it . plus also teachers pay too. mostly how to get new funding for it . another hard sell for odds are any attempt will wind up dead or voted down. but also on the agenda that the legislature will finaly have to deal with is the states rep of being corrupt mostly looking at passing a law making it once again so legislatures can’t be involved in a business contract during their legislative work if they have an interest in it . due mostly from some scandals. the eb5 and the gear up one that lead to the deaths of a family. though the bill like last time will proably go no where not even get a full vote. as the south dakota legislature gets back into business this week with a big agenda. and trying to fix the damage the state rep has now gotten as being corrupt.