and thus this week not only will gov daugard being trying to sell getting teachers pay raised and also expanding medicare but mostly teachers pay as the south dakota legislature is in business now this week and daugard kicking things off with his state of the union address with the big thing in it teachers pay and if he will call for a tax raise to get the money needed or maybe let the legislature let schools divert funds to raise pay. plus also the hard sell medicare expansion trying to get the legislature to even get a bill drafted plus other issues like abortion mostly out lawing late term ones and also making it illegal to sell fetal tissue for research unless okayed by the mother. plus the old bill again to bar trangender students from using the bathroom of the sex they feell they are and even making them play the sport as the sex they are born will pop up again. plus of course also that even though it has no chance the legislature will try and put into place something to deal with corruption. an oversight board no chance as the legislature is back in business with issues galore the big one teachers pay.