and thus it was bound to happen that now some one has found a way to take parts of the body and try and score a deal with the sharks on shark tanks. plus also try to flaunt the law. as one guy tried with the sharks revealing he created a ticket dismisser machine that actully makes tickets go away. and wound up with a deal yes a deal. then came a woman who created a changing table that measures the amount of breast milk put out yes a changing table that keeps track of how much the baby is getting during breast feeding.and got a deal. then came a couple who believe that they have the new kickstarter first time a crowdfunding thing was on shark tank . the sharks passed mostly because it was just in the early stages. and none of them really are in the crowd funding thing. then came a guy who took the old beard and made products with it and got a deal. with the qvc queen lori. as now even facial hair can score on shark tank.