and once again which is another reason it will be a miracle for teachers in south dakota to wind up with a long over due pay raise. by the legislature. the dems are not only coming on board daugards idea though they also want the penny raise to have an exclusion of taxing food. but mostly the dems will be the key to pass the thing as daugard pointed out by some miracle once the legslature is drawn up and on the floor for debate and vote plus also to make sure some how it gets through since a new wrinkle could get used by the legislature to try and not make the thing happen again. schools wondering how they will deal with the bill if it becomes law mostly how they will be given the money for teachers pay plus also another school issue is now popping up for the legislature school boundries being messed with legislation is now being drafted by another committee to protect school boundries. while dems say and start the work to make sure some how at long last by the end of the session at long last south dakota teachers can not worry so much to teach in south dakota and its decades title of being dead last may be going some where else. dems hold the key to south dakota at long last doing right with teachers since the bill will need a miracle to make it through the legislature