and the next move now with the governor after revealing all the things needed including the price to get south dakota teachers an over due pay raise plus also setting up some plan of how schools will be getting the money the one thing the governor now has to do is keeping trying to get repubs on board to pass the thing. since the big sticking point is the funding source being a raise of the penny sales tax . the legislatures are against raising the tax mostly because its a tax raise and two its an election year and don’t want to risk being out of the job later. because repubs raised taxes a no no with the party. but mostly the penny sales tax to fund it is the big issue though most knowing that other sources to try and get the money for the raise are limited odds are some how by a miracle the governor will get the votes. as the big sticking point for south dakota teachers to be prepared for a long over due wage and some other stated getting the title of last. the funding for it.