and its back to business though liz in her new role as advisor. espicly when some one shows up claiming to be the real red and offers up a big catch to the force a chance to get every big name of crime in one room at a special secret meeting saying that the red they are working with is not red or he would have got an invite. though liz is not buying it and even tells red that they are coming to the meeting and she hopes he is not there or he will be taken down too only for red to once again prove he is on the side of who ever serves his agenda by out foxing the force and getting the group away. then revealing to liz that the other red was a dieing friend of his who asked red to euthanize him and he did. plus liz gets a bomb shell as after she is attacked she learns she is pregnant. which can only means tom is not going any where. plus if red is indeed her father he has a grand baby soon.