and thus like with every actor staying for a short time then leaving after playing dr. who . now for some who fans what is like being attacked by a dalek. to others a trip into the tardis. as steven moffat made it known that he is done with dr. who after the next season which will not now happen till next year 2017 that long for no knew who other then a xmas special . moffat made it known now his reigh guiding the adventures of the time lord is over with and replacing him the writer and producter of the show broadchurch chris chibal . who will then take over proably later in 2017 after moffats run is done. as for how moffat will exit the tardis . would not be surprised if not only will the doctor and the master aka missy now have some one on one time again. but no doubt daleks and a new companion. as for chris run fans will have to wait. which i hope includes at long last resurecting the long forgotten baddie the rani. as not only does the doctor regenerate with a new actor as the time lord from season to season but now the show runner himself is doing a regeneration moffat leaving chris coming.but not till 2017 now. a long wait for new who.