and not only is the big thing for south dakota schools to soon change their budgets mostly changing the teachers pay bit. if by some miracle the south dakota legislature does come through and pass a bill for daugard to sign at last. but like daugard the schools and teachers may as daugard keeps walking the tight rope to get the votes for it . he and the schools may wind up making a devils deal with the legislature. mostly now having to cater and give into the letting the legislature make it clear that schools if a teachers pay raise does pass will not take the extra funds and put them in the bank and use them for other things only giving the teachers a little bit of the funds for the pay raise. since some of the key legislatures who are making the most ruckus about voting for the funding say they are afraid though like the idea that the schools if given the funds would hide them in reserves instead . so a promise may have to be made where daugard throws the schools under the bus for a bit to get teachers the deal. that a deal may and no doubt be made that in order for the legislature to go for the deal of a penny tax hike for teachers to get a long over due pay boost schools will have to make a devils promise that the extra cash goes just for teachers not in reserves not for other things no wonder the legislature and schools seem to always fight for south dakota education system to get out of being dead last and sucking. no trust by both sides. as a devils deal may finaly give teachers and daugard the win on the issue .