and what is another sign that in the end teachers may get their over due pay raise and south dakota can maybe move closer to not being dead last any more in something. even though the plan is looking more and more that daugard will not wind up with getting the thing paid for by a tax increase. plus schools will have to wind up having to compromise some mostly funds as south dakokata speaker of the house boyde revealed that showing that the chances of the legislature voting for the tax increase are hard . revealed he has a back up plan in the works though the plan would have schools dip into their reserves and use some of the money for teachers pay which is the big issue some have with in the end coming and voting for the tax increase saying that doiing so would have schools puut some of the money in the reserves instead of using it for teachers only plus using the reserves schools get and also their main funding source is just asking for teachers to wind up laid off to avoid getting the raise. as the legislature moves to try and give daugard what he is asking for schools but not go for the tax increase an evil for repubs including in south dakota.