and thus did not take long and not only did the legislator who seems to be obsessed with protecting school bathrooms from the evil of transgender students though also if he could try and make homesexuality a crime again . but mostly still obsessed with bathrooms for some reason even after thankfuly the house last time killed the thing. but this time the so called bill that would require students to use the bathrooms and gym facilities of the gender of their birth and require a trans student if he or she does not want to have to make a request to use the faccilities or have the school make special arrangements. which south dakota is already been put on notice by the aclu that a lawsuit is coming if the governor signs the thing but hopefuly he will veto it if it does not die in the house. as once again the south dakota legislature is back on its must protect school bathrooms from being corrupted by transgender students and thus just asking for the wrath of the aclu