and thus even though since its made it through the house and state senate odds are that assine bill that would require transgender students to use the bathroom of their birth sex. is proably going to be on the govenors desk. even though the bigoted asses who keep bringing up the thing should heed the message and stop this crap espically given that the thing passing is asking for some civil rights lawsuits be filed for its in violation of title x. since even as legsilatures at last get an earful from the ones who will be most affected by the bill including one transgeder kid saying he winds up holding it in all day and then goes to the bathroom . which should be normaly a wake up call to the stupid legislatures wanting to waste state business on this noncess to stop. as the targets of the assine transgender bathroom bill and sports facility bill let their voices heard and hopefuly b some miracle cost the thing some senate votes. or maybe have the governor be smart and vetoe this up coming imo assinine piece of garbage and hate bill.