and once again some bad guy learns the hard way don’t mess with some one red cares about ever as when a black lister who has the habbit of arranging marriages with mobsters for peace only to enjoy when the families whipe them selves out is at it again. which has red once again having an agenda as liz and co try and keep tabs on the guy . only for him to prove his as slippery as red. as tom hooks up with some jewel thieves for his current mission. still helping liz who learns due to her rep she may find it hard to know her child once she gives it up for adoption as she finds out that once the prospective parents learned who she is they went straight for a close adoption. as the black lister winds up another name on reds hit list for turns out his little actions wound up hurting some one red cares deeply about and red winds up getting payback his style. and red showing his compassinate side when he tells the lady he got revenge for her .